I am Gokce (pronounced gurk-che), the founder and owner of Mindful Atelier.


I have been a passionate ceramic artist for 11 years, I am also a meditation & mindfulness practitioner, qualified yoga instructor and an animal lover. 


My ceramics experience is the result of many years of training and study as well as extensive travel. I studied my MA on the 'Influence of Wabi-sabi Aesthetic on Japanese Ceramic Art’ and completed my PhD on ‘Religion and Clay in India’. I have written many academic papers and taught pottery skills in my University for over 9 years. I have participated in many exhibitions (group and solo) both in my native country of Turkey and abroad (South Korea, Japan). Throughout my studies, I always considered working with clay as a meditative practice which turns off a higher level of thinking. You have to let go and give in to the unpredictability of it.  

When I combined the result of my meditation and mindfulness practices with my academic research, my works turned into a reflection of positivism, stillness and peacefulness with organic shapes and soft colours.


I believe in a better-designed world. I try to create a world for people who feel and believe in the same way, communicating my message with my handmade ceramic pieces. 

My aim is to make you feel the art and inspire you with good feeling every time you reach for the mug, plate, cup or other items. Mindful Atelier products are handmade with dedicated craftsmanship, using the best materials possible."

With love